It's always such a pleasure to have Scott over at Stereofox Records.

Being my first-ever release as a label manager, HOUNDTRACK's music has obviously solidified its presence in my heart - not only because of the emotional charge but also due to his forward-thinking production approach.

He's now back with his sophomore album called for a moment which he used as a means of healing and fostering new beginnings. After 3 singles, here comes the full project, featuring his soul brother jives on a couple of songs.

Scott shares, "This is a project several years in the making and it explores the usual emotional soundscapes I enjoy, as well as some more upbeat and hopeful styles. Music has a healing power, both when you’re listening to it and when you’re making it. This album has helped me work through some tough things including the loss of a loved one and the writer’s block that came with that. Working closely with my collaborator jives on this project helped me get re-inspired, as he pushed me to try new sounds"

Through the 8 tracks, you can expect a genre-bending journey through chill house, future beats, melodic bass, downtempo & more.

He adds, "The music feels like a return to my chill and melodic roots, as well as a journey into some new styles I haven’t explored before. These days I’m looking at the music I make as snapshots in my life — each song has memories embedded within it. I hope people can reflect on their own memories while they listen to the songs and create new ones. Each song is a time capsule “for a moment.”

Stream/buy it here.

posted by Nasko
February 2024