If there's one album you need to listen to this week, that's Huey Briss's Flowers Before The Grave. The Long Beach rapper dropped his 4th album on March 31st and it straight up blew my mind.

Confident, tight, and groovy, the album is a masterpiece, starting from the opener "God Vision". For today's highlight, I chose "Hot Take, Pt. 1 (Dawn)" because I love how drums merge in with that double kick, making the whole thing sound awesomely unconventional. That being said, book 27 minutes of your life and grant yourself the full Flowers Before The Grave experience below.

There's this vintage scent on the record, I can't pinpoint where it stems from, but for me, it's definitely one of the reasons the album stands out and it's hard to move to anything else when it comes to hip hop.

posted by Ivo
April 2023