Hailing from Melbourne, Hugh Klein found himself living in the city of Paris, following his career in film composition. However, Paris did a thing, and Klein started releasing fantastic music. He is deliberately exploring the themes of intimacy and romance, and this translates so well into his latest release "Lead The Way".

"Lead The Way" is a neo-soul tune that makes me feel all the feels. It's very affectionate lyrically, especially when those lyrics are produced by such a vocal. This is the first track where Klein's voice really shines and I'm here for it, and definitely need to hear more of his voice. The instrumentals are soft and laced with unassuming groove (in the best possible sense of the word) and play along the vocals oh so well. And can we talk about that bass for a second?

His upcoming record No Plans, No Rules moves through themes of intimacy, adoration, the rebirth of desire and genuine romance, and after having heard "Lead The Way" today, I'm genuinely excited to hear the record in its entirety.

posted by Anna
March 2023