Discovering Big Wild's remix of Hundred Waters' "Show Me Love" was a real life-changer.

From a recharged intro to a killer transition that made this song tick, Big Wild really hit the nail on the head with this one. Starting by muffling a series of harmonious whispers with a growing chord progression, Big Wild hints to us a sick drop - the only problem is that we don't know when. And that is precisely the beauty of this kind of ambient, downtempo song. Just when you settle into the tranquil atmosphere it has created, everything falls out from underneath and you're left with a pure, but in this case especially, unexpected compilation of mellow backbeats.

This remix will leave you feeling optimistic and a bit shaken - but don’t fret, that’s just the vibes speaking.

Big Wild will be joining ODESZA on their In Return World Tour this fall. But before you buy tickets, check out this song - it'll knock your socks off.

posted by Staff
September 2015