One hell of a collab right here! “I Beg To Differ” is the result of the German duo The Kii teaming up with Mick Jenkins and Serious Klein and serving a treat to us hip hop dawgs.

Old School, new school or trap - the Kii are not chained by any genre and you can notice that in their latest track. Besides, they might just be the production duo with the best network when it comes to top international collaborations. Every new track of their upcoming EP sees Jan Lilienthal and Michael Nowatzky feature worldwide acts such as Kelvyn Colt, Kyle Bent, Elijah Malik and Yung Fume, and so does their new single.

US rapper Mick Jenkins has hopped on the beat, together with Serious Klein from Germany. Klein, with roots in Ghana, has made a name for himself as one of the most talented conscious rappers in Germany. He states: "I’ve been a fan of Mick's for a long time and I’ve always wanted to work on a project with him”.

“I Beg To Differ” is loaded with authentic rhymes, derived from the experiences and reflections of the two top MCs. They flow over the beat and share their thoughts on whether money really does or doesn’t make you happy and the choices, which separate the past from the present. Here is a dope line from the track, which will give you a good idea: "See, how could you quantify advice for my quality of life when you don't know my pain and economy of strife".

The sound production,  the impeccable bar delivery and the generous amount of attitude turn this track into a great fit for your “old school meets new school” playlist. So go ahead and dive into it right away.

posted by Nora
July 2021