Chillhop master and California-based producer Ian Ewing is at it again, embarking on a new musical adventure that will simply melt your heart. Fresh off the release of his instrumental Swim EP, Ian launches into the next chapter with his latest beauty titled "Gail", as he gears up for his fourth EP release this year.

The new release is an enchanting fusion of dreamy synths and soulful guitar melodies that will dive you into Ian's world of R&B-infused chillhop beats. It's the perfect teaser for what's to come on his forthcoming project, promising a lineup of guest vocalists and a tapestry of sultry sounds.

Ian is a self-taught artist and producer, who masterfully blends hip-hop, electronica, and R&B to create a sonic landscape that's garnered acclaim from Chillhop Music, SiriusXM, BBC One Extra, and more.

The fact that I am actually also a drummer makes Ian's music even more personal to me. I was surprised to learn that we both have been influenced by some of the greatest drummers of all time, ranging from legends like John Bonham and Ginger Baker to contemporary rhythm maestros like Yussef Dayes and Benny Greb.

So, as "Gail" serenades your senses, prepare to be swept away by Ian's rhythmic mastery and soulful compositions, all leading up to the unveiling of his forthcoming EP.

posted by Boris
October 2023