On "Meridian", the sound of dreamy keys drizzles over a smooth rhythm section for quite a comforting listening experience.

Those who are deep in the chill hop scene are bound to be astounded when they see who contributed to the creation of this gem. Essentially "Meridian" is an instrumental collaboration between three of the strongest beatmakers in the game - Ian Ewing, Brock Berrigan, and Philanthrope. The gorgeous pianos are complemented by airy pads floating in the backdrop, and the closing moments are eventually topped off by a groovy guitar solo that's brimming with soul.

"Ian Ewing has enlisted trip-hop guru (and rooster mask enthusiast) Brock Berrigan and Chillhop Music curator/A&R Philanthrope for a lush and laid-back track. The chemistry is undeniable. Press play before dipping your foot in the pool", they shared.

posted by Lu
August 2023