The day has come.

Drum-master legend level 99 and one of my favorite and oldest beat discoveries Ian Ewing shares his brand new EP Second Summer just in time just before those lovely warm months kick in.

Ian Ewing shares, "Totuavais a tribute to one of my favorite little pieces of the Southern California coast, a beach I visit nearly daily for inspiration and enjoyment. This is a fun instrumental with live-recorded drums and infectious melodies, reflecting the countless hours of joy and fun I have skimboarding, body surfing, and swimming at Totuava."

The EP consists of 6 tracks, one of which we already covered - the tasty "Midnight Snack" released last month. A couple of beats from the LP feature another talented New York-based producer - Chris Mazuera. The combination of Mazuera's industrial East Coast boom-bap and the more laid-back, airy West Coast grooves that make Second Summer a breath of fresh air in the sea of instrumental music.

posted by Ivo
March 2023