It’s been months since the French-Cuban twin sisters duo Ibeyi released their latest record but I personally think it’s... deathless. Moreover, when it coincides with the news of Kamasi Washington's the first full-length project (since 2015’s The Epic) called Heaven and Earth (scheduled June 22nd).

And while we’re waiting to hear the American saxophonist and composer alone, in "Deathless" he’s adding mostly a lively jazz layer on the indietronic beats and the raw Afro-Cabibbean Yoruba sound of Ibeyi.

A quick reminder - last September the two girls (daughters of the Cuban percussionist Miguel Angá Díaz, member of Buena Vista Social Club) released a second EP named Ash. The release sounds like their previous work, but a bit tamed and acting as a groundwork for lyrics incorporating themes of racism and womanhood

You're not clean / You might deal / All the same with that skin / She was, she was

If you haven’t heard it, I passionately recommend!

But yes, maybe I had to introduce this “I” first – I’m Natalia. I often play songs similar to Ibeyi's Deathless on repeat and I just joined Stereofox. Hope you guys enjoyed that!

posted by Staff
April 2018