Woah, the new Icarus is just... beyond real. If you love the sound of Overmono, ATRIP, or Ross from Friends, you're about to experience an eargasm. I was really happy to learn more about the Bristol duo thanks to Lu's interview with Icarus last year, and that certainly solidified my love for what they do.

"Dominoes" is taken from their forthcoming album and it's the 2nd single released so far, following "Catch Your Breath". Enough of a reason to be excited about what's ahead. The song seamlessly blends an expressive synth line, hypnotic looped vocals, a punchy broken-beat drum pattern, and a pulsing bassline, striking the perfect balance between melodic intrigue and dance floor allure, making it a standout festival and club anthem.

There's a sense of heaviness engraved in "Dominoes" that's both motivational and soul-draining (in a positive way if this makes sense). It's one of those songs you can play before any activity and feel an immediate rush of adrenaline through your body.

posted by Ivo
September 2023