Bristol electronic duo Icarus are back with their latest creation "Draw The Line", and it's nothing short of mesmerizing. This is the third single from their forthcoming album, following the awesome "Dominoes", and "Catch Your Breath".

"Draw The Line" is a musical journey that combines the spoken-word talents of UK poet James Massiah with Icarus's electrifying electronic sound. The moment the beefy bassline kicks in, you'll feel an undeniable urge to move, followed by captivating synths, soul-stirring chords, and an upbeat, bouncy drum pattern. But what truly sets this track apart is the ethereal beauty of James Massiah's spoken-word poetry. Icarus has sampled the heartfelt words of the UK poet, repurposing the original poem’s introspective tone with a jubilant garage-infused production. The result - an out-of-this-world composition where music and poetry collide in beautiful harmony.

So, if you're looking for a tune that'll make you move and make you think, look no further. "Draw The Line" by Icarus is here to take you on a musical adventure you won't forget.

posted by Boris
September 2023