Idesia are a band with some rather sweet, uplifting electro-soul/R&B tracks in their discography. After releasing their second album Golden Dreams in January, the band opened for Melbourne-based neo-soul darlings Hiatus Kaiyote.

If you are a fan of Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Moonchild or the above mentioned Hiatus Kaiyote, you will enjoy Idesia. And while their influences can be traced, they very much remain operational in their own sphere.

Idesia create a dreamy atmosphere to relax the mind with their all encompassing sound of aural bliss on my personal favourite, “Away”.

Sweetened by vocalists Sophie Dimitroff’s dulcet tones, Idesia’s sophisticated and soulful R&B is a sonic ear massage. The band’s trancey sound makes it easy just to close your eyes and float away into absolute bliss.


posted by Colin
July 2015