Today we're slowing things down with a homage to those nostalgic, yet inspiring moments. As summer is about to slowly fade away, this felt like a good soundtrack and we're beyond stoked to be releasing it with our label.

Before “Nocturne” had become the tune you’re listening to right now, its core sample had traveled a few times between Seattle where Arbour lives and imagiro’s home in the UK. The track is driven by Arbour’s nostalgia and appreciation for his old piano, which he had to recently sell. It was exactly that piano on which the main melody was recorded. "Nocturne" is the journey of the 2 producers towards tranquility.

Hans (arbour) shares...

I came up with this short piano melody, the one used in the song, and played it over and over and had it stuck in my head for a couple of weeks. It helped me relax to play it over and over, like it was something to meditate on, and I wanted to make it into a song so I sent it over to August because it reminded me of something he would like, too. When he sent it back it was exactly as I had hoped, spacious plucking strings and gentle acoustic percussion were a perfect addition to the mellow piano I had recorded. This song is more special than some to me because I just moved and had to sell the old upright piano that I’ve recorded on for the last year.

"Nocturne" is the last song I made with it and it’ll always remind me of how much that old piano meant to me.

posted by Ivo
August 2020