Today marks the first step of our next beat tape label journey titled You Were Here. Chile and the UK are two different and distant countries, but our next story brings them close together. “Story” is the right word as imagiro and tapei’s collaborative EP is more than just a collection of sounds. It’s a fascinating and extremely personal journey created by two young and talented producers who are both inspired by the small forms of life which often go unnoticed. Their aim is to put those tiny details into music and share it with the world.

August (imagiro) is a familiar face on the platform, not only from a feature point of view but also because this is the 3rd track we release together. It has been a superb experience and after more 2.5M plays on the previous sounds, going forward together felt like a testament that we're a great match. Plus, having Vanys on board is absolutely wonderful - one of the nicest dudes out there!

I hope you enjoy this intro to what's next. Stay tuned for the whole EP which goes live on September 7th.

posted by Ivo
August 2020