Turkish electronic producer ingico returns with her second-ever release "Nodin" - a captivating follow-up to her debut single "Loom".

In this latest venture, ingico continues to showcase her signature blend of downtempo and chill-out music, creating an atmospheric landscape that invites listeners into a world of sonic bliss.

Nodin is a term borrowed from the Native American language, meaning 'wind', and it serves as an apt descriptor for the track's essence. Ingico's careful attention to detail is evident as the track unfurls with organic finesse, featuring soft pads, minimalistic drum patterns, and vocals that are both emotive and dreamy.

Much like the wind's ever-changing nature, the vibe of "Nodin" is airy and flowing, starting with a gentle touch and gradually intensifying - a reflection of the wind's journey from a soft rustle to a powerful force of nature.

posted by Boris
December 2023