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May 2018

If it wasn't obvious enough after 4 features, Cody G has been an absolute favourite of mine since day one. There's just something so captivating and addicting about him. I can't stop listening to his beats, it's like drowning in a sea of good vibes and positivity.

Since you're here right now and reading this, it's clear that I couldn't pass up on the opportunity to interview him. In addition, Cody was so nice and he put together an awesome mix for us!


Quetzal - "On a Sunny Day"
Evil Needle - "Chillaxing"
Dr. Derg - "Allosteric Enhancer"
el. - "sabado"
HXNS - "luh"
Missing Hito - "It Just Was"
Onra - "Sorry"
Quickly, Quickly - "Gggooo"
Flamingosis - "Layover"
Cody G. - "Happy Fkn New Year"
Mitch Geist - "Come Over (It's Been Too Long)"
Ta-ku - "Day 30"
Jinsang - "h y d r a t e"

What made you decide to be a beats maker? Has music always been a passion of yours or did it start off as a side hobby?

Music has always been my main passion in life and i grew up listening to a lot of different stuff. In middle I went through a grunge era where I thought I was Kurt Cobain and listened to nothing but Nirvana and classic rock. In high school I started listening to hardcore music and joined a band as a guitarist. Also started listening to hip hop around that time. Once I got to college I discovered the underground world of Soundcloud and shared music with friends. Eventually this inspired me to start making music on my own.

Since the start of your career you've been releasing singles. Do you think you'd ever work on an album or EP in the possible future? If so, what would you title it? 

I definitely want to make an album in the near future. Up until this point I've been letting myself dabble in different styles while trying to develop a unique sound and improve my productions but I do plan to start piecing a debut album together soon. It most likely will be chill hop hop oriented in the same spirit as Ukulele and Chill. Maybe even might throw down some vocals, who knows. As far as names, hmmm maybe "Sueno Days".

New music very soon ????

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How would you introduce yourself to people who've recently discovered you? 

I would give them a giant hug and thank them for listening! Then hopefully have a cool conversation, while trying not to be the awkward person that I am.

What do you usually do if you feel like you're lacking inspiration? 

Listen to dope music! The most inspiring thing for me is to just listen to music I love. Going to the beach, surfing, kicking it with friends/girlfriend and drinking craft beer are all stuff I like to do and draw inspiration from. Fortunately, down here in San Diego, all those things are possible. Also coffee, lots of coffee. Oh, and deep existential conversations, always down for that rabbit hole, which might be evident in some of my songs.

Do you think your style has in any ways changed since you first began making music? 

My style has kinda been all over the place but it's getting more refined. I like to make lots of different types of beats so it's hard to stay in one category but at this point I'd say I'm more chill hip hop oriented. My approach right now is if it sounds cool and I really like it I'll put it out, regardless of what style it's in, but will eventually move into creating thought out EP's and albums with tracks that have similar vibes.

When do you usually find yourself the most productive?

In the morning while sippin' on a nice cup of joe. That's when the juices are flowin' the best.

Always sick chillin with a legend. Go peep a @flamingosis show if you get the chance.

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If you could collaborate with any artist or group in the world, who would you pick and why?

Ah this is a tough one. It'd be amazing to collab with any of my favourites: Mr Carmack, Kaytranada, John Mayer, Flamingosis, Mac DeMarco, Quickly, Quickly, Vanilla... the list goes on. I'm open to working with anyone whose music I like at this point!

Who would you say influences your music most?

This is also a tough one. I'm not sure who's influenced my music the most because I listen to such a variety of stuff. It's a combination of everything that I like that molds my style, taking influence from everyone I listen to. But the artists I mentioned in the previous question definitely have a big influence on the stuff I like to make.

Apart from making music, what do you do in your spare time?

Go to the beach, surf, eat way too much peanut butter, hang with friends/family, drink craft beer, go to live shows and hike. I'm a pretty simple dude.

Which song do you think is the best you've ever released and worked on?

Hmm I think it'd have to be my most popular one, Ukulele and Chill. That was the first thing I came up with after buying a ukulele and it was fun layering the different guitar parts and bass line. It felt like everything came together naturally and it's cool to see how many people have resonated with it. I think it's time to do another uke track

You've taken the time to put together an exclusive mix for us - which I'm sure everyone is excited to hear. What provoked you to go in the direction you did with it?

I wanted to include some of the old jams that me and my buddies would listen to back in college and blend in some newer Soundcloud slappers that I've really been digging. I think it turned out well and is perfect for crusin' in the car or just chillin' out with the homies.

What advice would you give to someone that's just starting out in the music industry? 

Don't get caught up in the technicalities of making music at first. If you're just starting it's more important to mess around, have fun and come up with interesting ideas. Just do whatever you think sounds good and the rest will come through lost of practice and developing your ear. Also remember that music is subjective, not everyone will like it but there most likely are people out there that will. "Just do you".

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview! Any last words to all your adoring fans and listeners? 

Thank you guys for having me! I had fun answering questions and making the mix. Just want to say thank you to anyone that's supported my music, it means the world to me! If you'd like to connect or ask me questions hit me up on instagram Until next time!

I hope you foxes had a splendid time finding out more about Cody, I sure did. And, once you're done, head on over to his Soundcloud and give the man some love and support!