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November 2020

KR3TURE is a genre-defying artist who came onto my radar very recently with his new album On The Brink. Released November 5th on Westwood Recordings, the album is an absolute odyssey; the Santa-Cruz-based artist has drawn upon sounds from around the globe in order to create a world of his own. I got the chance to ask him about his creative process and the inspirations behind the album.

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New album drops today! Link in bio ?

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It feels only natural to start with the album title, so……on the brink of what? What was the thought process behind the name?

On the Brink is a statement about transformation and growth. In this time of great social and environmental change, we are teetering on the brink of something amazing and expansive and it’s up to us to create something positive from all these changes.   

KR3TURE · KR3TURE • On the Brink

Is there a particular story you are trying to tell with the tracklist?

The album is meant to take the listener on a journey, with the tracklist starting from slow and sultry and moving to more fun, uptempo tunes. The first half of the album features vocals and transitions to instrumentals in the second half, ending with a sentimental song inspired by the joy of returning home after a long time away.

The strong rhythms in each track make the album feel like a journey through a landscape. Is there a specific vibe or emotion that you tried to convey with each track, or is the album meant to be viewed as a single body with each track giving it’s own unique input to the atmosphere?

These are the emotions that I tried to convey with each track:

Slowly - sultry/sensual
I Wanna Be Like You - fun/inspired 
Shelter (Chill Mix) - tender/loving
Inflorescence - spacious/deep
On the Brink - steady/strong   
To Love - elegant/fun
Coming Home - nostalgic/chill/rootsy 

You seem to draw on inspiration from a wide variety of different cultures; what is your philosophy on this technique? Is it a conscious effort on your part or does it stem naturally from striving for creativity?

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 My creative process is pretty erratic and I follow the inspiration wherever it may strike. Sometimes it starts with a compelling vocal line, or a gritty synthesizer, or a guitar or other string instrument. Wherever it begins, I always try to let the song write itself and unfold as it ‘wants’ to. I try my best to get out of the way and let the song shine, in the creative process and the final product. 

Your music often manages to sound both electronic and organic at the same time. What does your creative process look like? Does it actually involve live instruments?

A common formula that I use is to start writing a song with a live instrument like guitar or piano, and once I have the main melodic line (like a vocal part or a synth hook), then I’ll often swap out the acoustic element for a fun electronic sound. Then I’ll bring back in the acoustic element as a feature or a lead so it still has that live feel.

And finally, what does the future look like for you? An album is a big project to just release and move on from, so do you think it will affect and inform the direction your sound will take from this point onwards?

I already have two more EP’s in the pipes waiting for release and many more ideas that are in the works. My sound is pretty eclectic and really reflects the collaborators I’m working with at any particular moment - some of my new material will be pretty chill and downtempo and I’m also experimenting with more minimal, indie-pop. I’m overdue for some high energy music! 

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