posted by Ivo
January 2016

Ever since Blessing sent me that Yuna "Lullabies" flip by Madijuwon., I've been obsessed with the young French producer and his track. While there's yet to share his production, I felt it would be nice to first find out more behind the person behind the moniker and... well, one thing let to another and he's today hero in our Mini Mix series.

The mix is a beautiful 21-minutes-long trip which will take you to some pretty awesome future beats/trap/r&b music locations. Rly good vibes.


C L E M E N T I N O - Leave Me To Be
Origimoz - Space
Tiber - Mentality
Goyama - Seinye
paris jones - u like me (tails remix)
whereisalex - masamune
Daft Punk - Emotion (ATOM Remix)
skater - Cyprus
Choys - 3rd Floor (Fête "1AM" compilation)
Madijuwon - 1994 (back in a day w/ Mariah)
madijuwon interview mini mix free download

Hi there, Alex! Let's start with the basics? Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hi Stereofox! So I'm Alex AKA Madijuwon - a 24 french old producer and a music lover. French Riviera native, in Lyon now.

Did you have any musical upbringings growing up like playing an instrument and do you consider this important for today's generation of producers?

I think it's an asset for all guys who want to make music. when I hear some guys like Tom Misch or Evil Needle, for example who do their stuff perfectly. But not necessary. Personally i'm a self-taught, started making music with a basic equipment (a midi controller and fl studio without playing keys or guitar) but I worked hard... haha.

You're part of Fête / Ninetofive Records. How do they support you, what's most important for up and coming producer - know how, contacts or smth else?

Both are really behind us, in the sense they really support every step of the way. Their goal is that we're growing together but the coolest thing is that we are a family and it's a dream. Perfect agreement and we talk about everything, way beyond music. I'm really proud to be a part of them :)

How does your average day look like? Is beat-making a full time thing yet?

When I have a free time, I make music (i do this often), but it's not a full time thing. I hope so! lmao

You've put "Ma musique est faîte pour les sourds et les malentendants,alors que vous la compreniez ou pas..." on your FB page. What does this mean and what's the meaning behind it?

I mean my music is my own stuff, I don't do this to get followers, I don't do a kind of music because it's "fashionable". I do what i like and I'm really happy if some guys can feel it. It's really me.

Besides producer, you're also a dancer? Professionally or just a hobby and are both things connected somehow?

Yea - you're right, I'm a professional hip hop dancer and dance teacher too, I've been doing this for 8 years now. The music came after and because of the dance. We used to dance on Elaquent, Mr.Dibiase, J Dilla beats etccc at my beginnings, so I became a fan of this and... yeah, the rest is history. Music and dance are complementary for me. So, my music is all about my influences!

Flyyy ! #me #lyoncity

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Who does your artworks. There's a lot of focus on animated pieaces, which I find really cool!

Ouahou, thanks a lot Ivo :) beacause actually I'm the person behind those artworks. So, I really appreciate it! I try to make some cool things with adobe illustrator etcc u know?
Who are your favourite producers right now, which we've missed on featuring on Stereofox?
I'm currently a real big fan of herzeloyde,whereisalex and goyama,these guys are beast,a real inspiration ;)

Thanks for the interview, Alex! Any final thoughts? Anything that's on your mind - feel free to drop it here.

I want to say thank u to all guys who support me, it's priceless. Shoutout to STEREOFOX, love u guys <3 God bless!

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