"Pandora" is the second Stereofox release with French producer irons, and here he showcases a more playful and light side to his signature sound.

You'll definitely find yourself swaying back and forth the moment you're acquainted with his unorthodox drums. Glossy pianos and organic textures are found between these wonky, Dilla-reminiscent drums and the mood is characterized by this vaporous atmosphere - making the track a combination between spacey and groovy.

On this track, I was having fun with my new keyboard and it’s one of the first tracks I created with this new gear. A layer of discrete and complex melodies came about, with an overall atmospheric mood and lot of ambient vocals. The mood makes me think about a surreal planet like Pandora from Avatar. - irons

As gorgeous as this single is, so is the story behind it which you can find more of here.

posted by Lu
February 2023