On “Utopia”, irons takes his creative process in a new direction, thus eventually resulting in a deeply introspective listening experience.

This is the French producer's third release with Stereofox, and I love the fact that his classical-influenced signature sound shines through here even with his new approach. The eloquent strings that hover over the keys give the track a cinematic edge while emphasizing strong emotions. His rhythm section also can't escape mention as the unorthodox drums certainly make the track stand out.

On this one, I tried a different approach, and starting with some punchy & light drums. I worked on a melody in 2 parts, first bars are simple with few notes of the piano, and the second part is much more detailed. The objective here was to keep the listener surprised.

With this new single the French beatmaker continues to establish himself as a rising star to watch in the lofi beat scene, you're welcome to find out more about him here.

posted by Lu
May 2023