Soulful & jazzy hip hop with a vintage touch - this is your Friday treat today.

A one-to-watch this year, East London rapper Isatta Sheriff delivers another thought-provoking and utterly captivating piece with frequent collaborator, Italian beatmaker Koralle who delivers the most soothing trumpets, guitars & keys alongside a gentle drum groove.

"Will They Try" is about the exploitation of black female rappers within the hip hop culture, exploring the racial politics and misogynoir connected to this. Isatta shares:

This is the most important track on the EP as it addresses the exploitation of Black women in hip hop, and the exploration of hip hop in general. We have started to talk about the countless Black female singers and songwriters in dance and hip hop music who go uncredited in the U.K, and I wanted extend the conversation Black female rappers and explore the racial politics and misogynoir connected to this. People often ask the same questions regarding women’s position in hip hop, and I ask “will they try to understand” the full scope of the problem and then DO something, because the conversation is stuck and needs to progress.

This is the 3rd single off her highly anticipated EP Eat The Kiwi Skin, dropping next month via our friends Melting Pot Music.

posted by Nasko
September 2022