Say hi to Itona - ENiGMA Dubz' alter ego which James will use for a creative departure from his signature bass-heavy sound we all know (and love). We shared a few of his tracks before, and it has always been a mind-blowing experience.

The name was inspired by the Japanese words "ito" meaning love, and "na" meaning summer. So, Itona was born during the UK's lockdown in 2020 when James was at home. As a response to the struggles many were facing during this time, he began creating uplifting, ethereal electronic music that served as both an escape and a thought-provoking outlet for himself and others.

His new single "Bones" evokes the image of an icicle piercing through a misty sky, with its cold and eerie atmosphere and stunning electronic soundscapes. The deep, subtle, and pulsating beats add to the overall experience, creating a sublime blend of house-infused electronica.

The music is not only captivating to listen to but also evokes a sense of ethereal beauty and mystery. It's snowy time where I currently am, so if you pair this track with the morning quietness and whiteness you get pure and innocent bliss.

posted by Ivo
January 2023