A tranquil, euphoric, and soothing piece of downtempo / ambient electronica, Itona's "First Light" will send you on a focus-driven adventure towards the hopeful part of your brain.

The track embodies a very bizarre and warm energy that's hard to describe with words. It is both mystical and familiar in the same time and if you dig the work of Sorrow, you will fall in love with this piece.

Itona is the new alias of James Vine aka ENiGMA Dubz. We recently featured him on the website actually, but it was a remix by our friend Late June. Meaning ito - love, na - summer in Japanese, the project is inspired by the UK lockdown due to COVID-19 - where James set about creating uplifting, dreamy, and authentic electronic music to help people escape the difficulties, but still deep and thought-provoking. 

The soundtrack of your next winter walk.

posted by Ivo
January 2021