Berlin-based vocalist, beatmaker, multi-instrumentalist, and poet J.Lamotta projected her love for soul, jazz, hiphop into a self-created career. Born in Tel-Aviv with Morrocan roots, she moved to Berlin in 2014 pursuing her passion for music and art in a city highly receptive to it.

Since then, her efforts have been affirmed by her releases on Berlin-based label Jakarta Records as well as forming her own live band. Off of her 2017 release Conscious Tree, "Everybody needs the Sunshine" displays a tasteful mix of r&b and soul wielding soothing lyrics to imprint a feeling of appreciation for the sunshine. Enduring a Berlin winter feels oddly worthwhile upon witnessing nature's response to the spring.

Over the weekend, we caught J.Lamotta with her live band sharing the stage with London-based live electronic duo Blue Lab Beats. She's scheduled for her first tour across Germany and Austria in June 2018.

Get a copy of Conscious Tree through the link at the top.  
posted by Mike
April 2018