We're off to a seriously awesome music start this week! Last year here in Berlin we had a series of events titled Morning Rave. The idea was for people to get together early in the morning before work (7-ish) for yoga and some electronic music. That track is definitely an awesome fit for this event.

So yeah - say hello to your upbeat Monday morning electronics soundtrack thx to CRi who I discovered a few weeks ago thx to his amazing remix of Moderat's "Reminder". The Canadian producer has aced his new sound adventure as well.

His latest take is on James Blake's "Noise Above Our Heads" - a track from his latest album The Colour In Anything. The artist turns the rather minimalistic and repetitive Blake original into amazing stream of lively and elevating electronics which surely will go perfect with your morning coffee.

Enjoy the day and feel free to grab a free download from the link above.

posted by Ivo
August 2016