Japanese Wallpaper is full of awesome surprises. We've been following Gab's music journey since his 2014 work with Wafia called "Breath In". Throughout the years he has worked with artists Charli XCX, Lily Allen, Matt Maeson, Yumi Zouma, Broods, Death Cab for Cutie, Mallrat, and Petit Biscuit amongst others. The list is beyond impressive!

If you're chasing the feeling of absolute freedom while driving down the highway (towards the sea preferably), "Leave a Light On" is a must-add to your playlists. Combining atmospheric dream pop, new wave and indie rock, the track is collaborative with his frequent collaborators Alex Lahey and Demi Louise, and because that's not impressive enough it's co-produced by Chris Walla of Death Cab for Cutie. Gab shares, "I keep finding myself in the same orbit as a lot of my heroes, and then becoming friends and getting to do all sorts of things together with them. It's crazy."

I was quite caught off guard with the essence of "Leave a Light On", in a good way. I rarely get to find sounds that remind me of diiv or Day Wave, and surely was expecting something a bit more aerial than this power-charged happiness. That being said, I am beyond stoked for this new chapter of Japanese Wallpaper's music. Speaking on that he shares, "it's just me in the studio with my friends, which is my favorite thing in the world to do. I feel really lucky to be in a position where I get to work with some of my favorite songwriters and artists and kind of help realize the vision for those people, and in turn, realize it for myself."

posted by Ivo
May 2021