I've been obsessed with Catching Flies since the Stars EP was released (late 2012) and I was filled with a need for infinite amount of more to come. 21 year-old British producer remains anonymous still, merely giving reworks and podcasts for free download once in a while.  It’s a blessing though, when you are listening to what he has created with a machine, in the meantime multichromatic flowers are growing in the darkest side of your brain.

This guy doesn't really bother with self-promotion, thus I feel a responsibility to bring him under the radar of Stereofox with his brilliant remix of Jill Scott’s "Golden". The beat is very smooth, very melancholic – confronting memories of golden moments in slow motion from past, which have no power over you anymore. The good thing is that you still can control the play button down there.

posted by Ivo
March 2013