When it comes to electronic dance music, there is only one Goddess on this team - Anna. 5 minutes ago she hooked me on this Jim-E Stack track and I am just in love with life. While this is 4 years old it's the first time I hear about the San Frandisco-born producer. Well, if you don't count that feature from 2013, but lets be real - I don't remember it.

Inspired by Daft Punk, Burial (fuck yeah), J Dilla and The Neptunes this guy is seriously the embodiment of greatness. I love a lot of genres, but this kind of blend of mindful electronica and dance music is what really touches me deeply. The chopped vocals are absolutely staggering. Listening to this makes me want to hug life and never let go.

Jim-E Stack · Deadstream
posted by Ivo
June 2020