This jinsang track isn't new, but it's way too good. Actually I've heard "h y d r a t e" before, but it really got to me while I was re-listening to a mix Cody G. did for us a few months ago.

Based on Nujabes' "Latitude" (RIP, you legend...) the track is... one of the most beautiful music compositions I've heard in a long time. It makes me appreciate life and it feels so... elevating. The reason why I chose this artwork is because the song makes me want to be in the water, by myself while waiting for the next wave. These were some of the most peaceful, sincere moments I had this year. Big thanks to Bee for being an amazing human being, copywriter and for sparkling my love for surfing.

Actually, in case you wonder the original, original sample - it's from Gigi Masin's 1989 instrumental "Clouds". And remember - always drink water.

posted by Ivo
July 2018