Being underwater can be one of the most fearful, yet most peaceful feelings one can experience. Everyone fears drowning, yet we all seek bliss, sometimes through reflection or solitude. With appropriately named "Undersea", Californian producer Jinsang removes the fear of death and leaves us with a pure encapsulation of the bliss experienced at the bottom of the sea. 

Jinsang’s lo-fi drums are heavily filtered, emphasising the feeling of submersion. The syncopation of the kick also adds a degree of complexity, which is juxtaposed by the rhythmic and melodic simplicity of the melody. The notes give the impression of droplets hitting the surface of the ocean, as the listener lies on the seabed, mindfully observing the ripples, like the passing thoughts in our own minds. 

Undersea is not just a soothing beat, but a short yet insightful session of meditation. It is a harbinger of the mindfulness and bliss one experiences long after listening.

posted by Staff
July 2020