You know, as much as I love the weekends, there's something utterly depressing about Sunday nights. It's kind of hard to push away whatever brings you down and in the same time there isn't much to be stoked for because... Mondays.

Going to turn on the chilled mellow mood with a tune I found last week, but been keeping for times like these. Another j'san gem called "please, say something" off his new compilation her.

A tiny remedy for the soul and 2 minutes of this kind of emotional & soothing sound which makes you feel like you can pour out all the shit that bother you on the inside. Regardless whether that's lofi hip hop or acoustic/indie thing - the overall vibe is just... personal.

Do you wanna know how I feel? I feel fucking terrible. I feel shit and all I can do it feel it.

And there is so much truth in those opening sample words.

posted by Ivo
April 2018