A majestic combination of music influences, this collab between JuJu Rogers and Mick Jenkins, together with DAO is a definite head-nodder which also carries a strong message.

Soulful flavour, accompanied by African percussion prepare the stage for JuJu's reggae-inspired vocals and Mick's unmistakable flow. The politically-themed track has it all to make you sing along while reflecting on every word in it. Here is what JuJu Rogers shares on “Minneapolis”:

“Minneapolis” was inspired by the historical images the whole world was able to see from protests in the streets of Minneapolis after the murder of George Floyd. The symbol of institutionalized racism and repression, Capitalism’s executive force, the police department, was in flames while the air was filled with my people’s aching but beautiful cry for justice. I was reminded of the many sit-ins and demonstrations for Oury Jalloh, Tonou Mbobda, Rooble Warsame and so many more who were killed in police custody here in Germany. I felt that pain. I felt that outrage and determination to make a change. Globally!

posted by Nora
January 2022