Talented US hip hop / r&b artist Justy returns with the 3rd single from her upcoming album Love With Benefits. After the soulful "Pretty" released last year, the new adventure "Couple Goals" brings attention to the nuances of projection and perspective in idealizing relationships that appear flawless. A phenomenon that I feel is frequently acknowledged by the individuals within the relationship, and yet it keeps happening. That being said, I feel that this is the first step towards being real when being with someone. You don't need to be perfect together to be truly happy.

Justy wrote, produced, and delivered perfection on "Couple Goals" making it yet another reason to be excited for Love With Benefits, and damn that bassline.

She shares, "Last year I was able to share two singles from my forthcoming album and they both showed the range that this album has, but Couple Goals is really reminiscent of the Justy that so many of my fans first gravitated to. It feels so intuitive to come into the new year with a record that reflects that nostalgia in a new way."

posted by Ivo
last month