This is one of the songs that you need to get yourself in the right mood for, although that will most probably happen naturally by playing it (few times) anyways. Truth be told, the first time I heard it, was in the morning and I just knew that this part of the day is not allowing me to feel it in the right way. I'd recommend a late night and some kind of dimmed light, just be alone with your thoughts and dive deep in the smooth lo-fi/soul sounds of ‘monsoon’.

Listening to this tune kind of draws a picture for me - looking through a window of a car, watching the clouds travelling in the sky. In a dreamy moment like that, and I believe pretty much everybody has had such one(s), thinking of somebody, it's easy to relate to the lyrics:

when you are all I see
I want to sleep forever
the night brings you back to me

JVLY is currently making the final touches to his sophomore EP which will feature his recent singles "Tacenda" and "me&her", alongside "monsoon" and a few yet to be heard creations. He shares:

I’ve had this concept in mind for a while, but I’d never written anything fitting enough for the mood I was trying to capture. I like the idea of how feeling kind of forlorn can be made to seem less heavy on you by hearing a song you connect with or relate to. So that was kind of the idea, I wanted to capture that gloomy feeling, but at the same time still create a mood that helps you to see that it’s probably going to be all good.

posted by Mira
March 2020