I've been a fan of Kaisaku's for a while now; tracks such as "Mystic" and "Her Melancholy" are absolute staples of the old era of future garage. With each release since these the Canadian producer has continued to improve and hone his sound, the current culmination of this trajectory being clearly showcased in his latest release on Enhanced Music, "Mysteria".

The first thing that hits you is the stunningly controlled piano riff. A steady arppeggio drifts around as though leading you towards the strings that eventually fill it out. Possible inspirations from video games such as "Journey" and "Ori and the Blind Forest" can be felt, though Kaisaku manages to keep things sounding absolutely his own.

The track comes to a crescendo in the second half; pad layers and a soaring topline join the strings and bassline to result in a triumphant close. The rise and fall throughout a track is one of the most important things to get right, and Kaisaku hits the nail bang on the head.

Despite being such a talented producer, Kaisaku is hugely underrated. I highly recommend taking a dive through his extensive discography; every track is a gem without fail.

posted by Rob
June 2020