Kan Wakan's music has always taken us someplace between reality and fiction. Add SAÍGO to the picture and the journey is inevitably dreamy.

Their latest offering is called "No Sweat off My Back" and it entangles gentle pads, groovy beatwork, rich sound design, and warm vocals. Kan Wakan elaborates:

We live in societies that are decadent but decaying. We retreat to a digital hive that feels anonymous, yet closely monitored. In an age of automation, we still define our identities through work.” “No Sweat” is a meditation, an acceptance, a lament of weary anxiety. Who decides where this school of fish is swimming, and aren’t we exhausted from trying to swim there?

This is the 3rd, and final single from Kan Wakan's upcoming album Phantasmagoria, Vol.2 set to release Nov 10. Enjoy the peculiar lyric video alongside it:

posted by Nasko
October 2021