Kan Wakan's upcoming Phantasmagoria LP is one of the most anticipated releases in my book this year. We've been paying close attention to Georgui's path since last year and it all perfectly builds up to what's shaping a true music masterpiece.

All his tracks so far seem like another piece of a puzzle. Different, yet somehow connected. When it comes to "Still Feather", besides the flawless cinematic soundscape, I would like to tip my hat to SAÍGO intensely beautiful vocal range. The 2 has managed to create a truly captivating track.

Georgui shares:

“Still Feather” ruminates on our industrial daydream; the precarious union of technology and prosperity. It seems we are all transfixed to an exasperated machine sputtering through visions of its golden days, a dubious projector cycling scenes of emergent possibilities. And it feels dissonant, out of touch, modern life is driving to the brink of exhaustion, while our synthetic creations grow in number and influence.

If you're curious to find out more about Phantasmagoria, watch the album trailer below:

In our interview with Kan Wakan, he shared about the triple LP:

It may sometimes sound like a jigsaw puzzle, but when zooming out and looking at it as a whole it feels complete as a statement.

posted by Ivo
April 2017