Kareem Ali's new single is the epitome of chill, earning it the title of the summer's anthem. The perfect choice to wind down a day at the beach, as the orange sunset paints the skies, while you sit in the sand with your loved one.

The New York native grew up dreaming of becoming a rocket scientist. While this didn't happen, inspired by his fascination with space, the talented producer infuses his gorgeous jazz-driven work with cosmic waves and spacious aesthetics. "Please, Forever Keep Me Near" is no different.

Afrofuturism serves as Ali's guiding light, inspired by legendary innovators like Sun Ra, Herbie Hancock, and Larry Heard. Jazz, particularly influenced by Miles Davis, also holds a special place in his heart. By blending these passions, he has crafted a perfect fusion that caught the attention of industry giants like Rolling Stones and Pitchfork. Esteemed artists such as Four Tet, Pete Tong, Bicep, and Caribou have also taken notice, playing and charting his tracks.

I've had this tune on repeat for a while and I can't stop dreaming of a beach far away. I'm gearing up to move towards the coasts of Bali and Thailand this year and this is signal from the universe I shouldn't prolong this any longer. I can't express how soothing this makes me feel. The best sign of great music.

posted by Ivo
July 2023