Today, we're apparently all in for dancing.

Another key player in the nightlife scene - Kartell, teams up with London rapper Che Lingo for a track that will extend this evening into forever. They explain:

"All In" lays the foundations of a whole new project built on this exact balance, between soul and timelessness. The track evokes the games of seduction, bluffs and risk-taking, with the fever of an endless summer as an imaginary backdrop: the orange from the scorching afternoons on the beach and the blue from the cold nights on top of cliffs.

Dive into this beautiful cross-genre fusion - soul, disco & hip hop, with warm guitar riffs and sweet grooves.

"All In", out via Roche Musique, is something that Kartell sees as a turning point in his production, so I can't wait to hear what's next! In the meantime, dive into the majestic visualizer below:

posted by Nasko
July 2020