Oh, wow, some much talent in one place!

Kartell, Qendresa & Coops' "Time" received an outstanding makeover from Franc Moody. The original was quite surprising for Kartell's usual sonic direction and Moody's remix kinda takes it back home.

Adding their signature disco touch to the production, the London collective turned the original into a laid-back but fresh piece - with hell of a synth groove. Kartell says about the remix:

Franc Moody has been killing it with their recent releases, and their psych-disco always catches me. Their version of "Time feat. Qendresa & Coops" is a groovy disco heater, warping a tense and enigmatic 70's sound with a hint of dub that really shines a new light on the second single from my latest EP Daybreak.

This is the first off a series of remixes from Kartell’s recent EP Daybreak, with renditions from Cody Currie, DJ Counselling & The Code. Out via Roche Musique.

posted by Nasko
November 2021