So wonderful to get this out in the world.

Our dear Japanese duo - guitarist Kazuki Isogai & producer yuhei miura dropped their 8th Stereofox EP. Seasons EP pays tribute to patience & peace of mind, to life’s endless cycle where there’s a right time for everything. 5 songs, blending Kazuki’s signature playful guitars & yuhei’s dusty production.

"We love the expression “To everything, there’s a season” – meaning things will happen when the time is right. If you feel sad in winter, spring will bring new life & happiness, then summer will follow. The EP is inspired by this endless cycle of life,” they shared.

"River Flow" is one of my favourites, perfectly balancing between nostalgia & playfulness, with gorgeous guitars & warm keys.

Stream / buy the project here.

Stereofox · Kazuki Isogai & yuhei miura - Seasons EP
posted by Nasko
August 2023