I am a big fan of all things Bloc Party, so it is kind of natural that I would be a big fan of all things Kele as well .For those not too familiar with the subject, Kele Okereke is Bloc Party's frontman, who has decided to do some solo work and is about to release his sophomore solo album.

I was honestly taken aback by how electronic "Coasting" is, the second track from his upcoming album Trick. I have always associated Bloc Party and Kele with dance music, but this is something new. Heavy Burial-inspired dub rhythms, dark beats and his vocal sounding almost falsetto at times is a kick ass combo.

"Coasting is one of the tracks I'm most proud of on the record. It's the story about the first moments of a relationship, when there is no pressure and no demands."

posted by Anna
September 2014