Louie Lastic once again brings his solid production to the table with this take on Kelela's highly successful track "Rewind" (read the Stereofox review of the original track here) featuring a fresh verse from GoldLink.

Louie and GoldLink have a history of working together, mainly on And After That, We Didn't Talk, GoldLink's 2015 debut album. They have shown a great synergy in their collabs and here again  as Louie's uptempo beats suit GoldLink's quick flow perfectly, while the arrangement makes the verse fit the original like a conversation between the two artists. Overall, it is a very interesting new take on the already amazingly produced "Rewind", taking away some of the chilled out vibes, but reinvigorating it as a party essential with some hard hitting drums.

Enjoy the midday pick-me-up and consider...rewinding the track when needed !

posted by Staff
January 2016