Straight out of Italy! "VITA DI PAESE" or "COUNTRY LIFE" captures the essence of impeccable lyricism, smooth hip-hop production, and soothingly reverberated vocal chops in this laid-back gem, brought to life by Italian rapper and lyricist, Ken.

Ken takes us on a trip down memory lane, back when he was just a kid living a simple life in the countryside. Think about it: rolling hills, small towns, and a world far from the hustle and bustle of the city. It's like Ken's reminiscing about all those quirks of country living, from broken-down cars to the familiar faces and routines that never seem to change.

While you're vibing to the beats, you'll be catching those nostalgic feels, like you're right there with Ken, reliving his past and feeling the emotions he's pouring into every word. It's like he's letting us in on his life story, and it's a trip worth taking.

posted by Boris
August 2023