keni can fly's "mr. wednesday" is one of the trippiest, most avant-garde/bohemian vibe out there.

Inspired by all the learnings Kenny experienced while on mushrooms, the track which was released a year ago, is smooth rap blended with psychedelia.

"i just wanted to have fun with this shit and wanted to stop stressing over stuff that didn't even exist. it was written at a time when i realized i needed to start being there for myself no matter what, no matter the day, no matter the situation. its about how i wanna be at a point where im so overflowing with love, respect and admiration for myself that it feels natural to share it with someone else.", he explains and I'm sure many of us can relate.

I love both his and WES' sonic aesthetics and delivery and while their flows differ, it all sounds super homogeneous. It reminded me of the early Earl Sweatshirt stuff and I'm absolutely in love with this stress-free vibe.

posted by Ivo
March 2023