Lovely to share with you this gorgeous blend of lo-fi and chillhop, crafted by two talented chillhop producers, artists, and friends - Kiabits and sao kzu. I am also happy to welcome them to our label family, as this is their first release with us.

Both Kiabits and sao kzu breathe in the mellow sounds and gripping beats influenced by hip hop and boom bap.

“Moral” flies into your headphones with a steady drum pattern that carries carefully curated keys and strings. It’s like a walk in the park when every single pink petal falling from the cherry blossoms is coloring the view outside. It’s nostalgic with a slight melancholia without diving into the sadness.

A great tune to accompany you through the first warm and early-Spring days after the snow has melted.

Find it on your fav streaming platform here.

posted by Boris
March 2023