One of my favorite producers and jazz pianists - Kiefer Shackelford AKA Kiefer returns with what he calls a happysad summer delight titled "August Again" via Stones Throw Records. The track comes a month after "Dreamer" and given the bundle and similar aesthetic, I believe (and hope) we're on the sonic path of a new Kiefer LP.

I was happy to read Kiefer's statement on Instagram when it comes to the origins of "August Again". It's so lovely to see artists reflecting on their musical journeys and I'm glad this talented human being feels this way about his career. He's definitely given a lot of positive emotions to many of us, myself included.

"A song about feeling sad in the summertime, but some friends of mine think it sounds bright and pretty. Such has been my musical career. However you hear it is cool with me - I hope you enjoy it.", shares the artist.

After listening to the single a few times, I do see how the beat can resonate differently with different people. There's both a feeling of timeless carelessness and nostalgia at the same time.

Also, I would like to give props to María Medem who designed the artwork. It perfectly enhances the music and completes the experience.

edit - since the feature it's been officially confirmed - Kiefer's It’s Ok, B U is scheduled for September 22nd

posted by Ivo
August 2023