Happy Easter to everyone around the world who is celebrating!

I don't know about you, but I am having a blast today, and I am kicking off the start of the week in the most energizing way. What really shaped and made my day is KILLV's debut release with Stereofox, also the first track, part of the upcoming 4-track EP Rise and Fall - set to be released on May 26th.

"Want U" is a beautiful rendition of alternative dance music, house, and breakbeats, inspired by the sounds of Fred Again.. & TSHA. A powerful blend that will energize all listeners on the dancefloor.

“I came to visit my parents in Peru (they live here) and I don’t know why but when I come I always feel so inspired and focused, I made this track in one day. “want u” has two recorded instruments, a viola composed and played by my friend Victor M. Zavaleta, and a Kalimba that I was playing around with. The drop has a “question-answer” structure, the kalimba asks the question and the vocal chops answer them, I learned this technique from listening to Skrillex’s music.” - shares Hector

It's funny how everything in our life happens for a reason, such a cliche, yet so true! From the first moment, I heard Hector's music back in January - thanks to Ivo's feature of "Come Here" I knew that we will create something together - back then this was just a feeling. Today it's real.

You can listen to "Want U" on your fav streaming platform here.

posted by Boris
April 2023