Sometimes a bit of jazz can save the day and put a smile back on your face (and soul)!

The fifth single from producer/vocalist/keys player/songwriter Anna Stubbs's solo project Kinzoogianna offers yet another charming side of her upcoming album. Her ability to combine jazz and soul resulted in another brilliant jazztronica piece which shines thanks to her own skills but also thanks to the music abilities of bassist Rob Mullarkey (Jacob Collier) and drummer Richard Spaven (Jordan Rakei). The fantastic intro effortlessly pulls us into a journey amongst the stars and the following groove-dense part elevates things even more both sonically and lyrically. The UK artist shares:

I really had a LOT OF FUN with this one. I was trying to create the feeling of falling through outer space, it got very weird with the synths! Tonnes of layered vocals, and a synth solo in the middle that is one of my favourite moments on the album.

Gold For The Hungry Souls is out in August, so stay tuned.

posted by Nora
June 2022