I do wonder if the hip hop greats ever imagined glitchy bass production. The Booty Galactic is a notable album, because it does take it there: a blast from the past in a hair-raising frenzy of bass-driven hip hop, G-Funk & more.

When we investigated this album in a 2018 interview with K+Lab, we got some important background among other fun words:

Stylistically, the album is a throwback to the G-Funk era, we just felt there’s not enough of it in the world. So with this album, my approach was to re-deliver those sounds in a modern way with my own flavour, feel and enough bass to sit alongside modern bass music jams.

- K+Lab

"Different Kinda Cold" recruits featured artists Bdice and Def3 in an album-defining experience of gritty hip hop beats, dark bass designs, and energizing flows.

The producer pays tribute to this track with a self-animated music video of other-worldly imagery. Imagine a psyber-funk dimension of Rick & Morty where peace is made via keytar solos:

Stream K+Lab's The Booty Galactic on all major platforms here.

posted by Mike
December 2019